The Most-Complained-About NYPD Cop’s Fascist Facebook Posts Revealed

Facebook posts reveal NYPD Lieutenant Eric Dym’s support for Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and racist police violence as well as his disdain for Black Lives Matter protesters and anyone who dares to criticize police. Last week, a report by THE CITY revealed that the “most-complained-about NYPD cop”, Lieutenant Eric Dym – who was facing discipline

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OP-ED: The NYPD’s Strategic Response Group Must Be Disbanded

And a similar unit cannot rise in its place. If you’ve attended a racial justice protest in New York City, you’re likely familiar with the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group. Whether you know it by name or recognize them as police officers donning tactical gear and helmets, the SRG has become a staple of protest policing,

OP-ED: Erase The Gang Database

On Wednesday, myself and other young adults from the Public Safety Team at Red Hook Initiative (RHI) took a stand against the NYPD’s gang database by joining the rally at Brooklyn Hall against this system of criminalization. We were joined at the rally by elected officials, members of organizations from across the City–like Freedom Agenda,

OP-ED: Police and Sexual Exploitation of Women in Nigeria

Living as a young woman in Lagos, Nigeria, I learned from a young age that the police are not always the best resort in cases of sexual and gender-based violence.  Most girls in Nigeria grow up with extensive knowledge of how the police’s negative attitude has done terrible harm to the women in our community.

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Copwatch Blotter: July 2022

Eric Adams claimed that he and the NYPD would clamp down on the use of fake license plates and gun violence. But news from July shows that NYPD cops themselves often perpetrate those crimes. Eric Adams loves to pretend that he and the police state he supports are the solution to allegedly out-of-control crime in

Photo of NYPD challenge coin that says "Gun Violence Suppression Division" across the top and "New York City Police Department" across the bottom. In the center of the coing is Lady Justice wearing a bandolier and holding a gun with "Est. 2016" under her.

Spotlight: Gun Violence Suppression Division

As newspaper headlines and local news disproportionately cover a supposed New York City crime wave, one specialized police unit has been praised by the mayor and local media. This unit is positioned to be the tip of the spear in the police department’s anticipated response to the supposed crime-aggedon.  No, it’s not the Neighborhood Safety

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