Monitoring the Media with Ashoka Jegroo

From stories that are littered with anonymous and on-the-record quotes of law enforcement officials, to sensationalistic crime reporting that serves to instill fear and dependence on the police, mainstream media works to perpetuate policing and systemic racism to this very day.

And because the media, like police, will never truly change themselves – our communities must hold them accountable and create grassroot alternatives.

COPAGANDA WATCH works as our media watchdog arm with the belief that radical community-driven analysis is crucial. It picks apart the bias in the media that helps spread police-favored propaganda. Our recurring stories and our monthly newsletter examine trends as well as spotlight individual acts of copaganda.

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NYPD Cops Crying About Low Morale Is Copaganda

Cops are whining about low pay and morale, but they have it as good as ever. This month, there has been a slew of pieces by fascist propaganda outlets, like the New York Post, Washington Times, and Daily Mail, as well as mainstream papers like the New York Times on an increase in resignations at

NYPD’s Post-Colorado Springs Pinkwashing Is Pure Propaganda

New York’s cops have a long history of violence against queer and trans people. On November 19, moments before midnight, an armed bigot entered Club Q, an LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs, Colorado, during Trans Day Of Remembrance events and opened fire, killing five people and injuring at least 18 people. In response to the

The Crime Panic That Helped Elect Eric Adams Is Now Turning Against Him

Hyperbolic crime coverage by local media helped pave the way for former NYPD cop Eric Adams to become the mayor of New York City. But now that same media-manufactured crime panic is preventing Adams from claiming to have saved the city. New York City’s cop-mayor is now trying to fight against the media-contrived crime panic

John Miller, longtime copagandist, joins CNN

John Miller, a longtime member of NYPD top brass, retired on Friday and joined CNN as its Chief Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analyst today. Miller, who most recently oversaw the NYPD’s intelligence and counterterrorism bureaus, has created his own revolving door between journalism and policing for several decades. The hiring raises questions about CNN‘s commitment

NY1’s Copaganda & the Rikers Crisis

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn This week, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio visited Rikers Island amid weeks of calls of a “humanitarian crisis” and the 12th death in the city’s jail system so far this year. While the torturous, polluted and overheated reality of city jails

Copaganda Watch: How Local NYC Media Has Helped Turn Public Space Into a Police State

New York City’s Washington Square Park has become a flashpoint in a struggle over public space recently as images of NYPD cops in riot gear shoving, beating, pepper spraying, arresting, and even chasing park goers spread widely on social media earlier this month. During a recent neighborhood meeting put together by police officials (where hundreds