How to Obtain Security Camera Footage in Cases of Police Brutality

The police killing of Tyre Nichols in Memphis caused a flood of outrage when video from the attack on the 29-year old Black father was finally made public by the Memphis Police Department (MPD) recently. While some may note that parts of the attack by the five Black MPD Officers were captured by police body-worn

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NYPD Cops Crying About Low Morale Is Copaganda

Cops are whining about low pay and morale, but they have it as good as ever. This month, there has been a slew of pieces by fascist propaganda outlets, like the New York Post, Washington Times, and Daily Mail, as well as mainstream papers like the New York Times on an increase in resignations at

OP-ED: Here’s How You Can Help Stop ShotSpotter And Fight The Surveillance State

The recent lawsuit against Detroit’s expansion of ShotSpotter is just the latest in this fight. But the fight against surveillance technology needs all of our collective power. On November 30th, the Detroit Justice Center, Sugar Law Center, and Schulz Law announced their lawsuit against the Detroit City Council’s $8.5 million expansion of ShotSpotter’s surveillance technology.

Prosecuted For a RICO Conspiracy Over Facebook Posts

In 2021, Chris Howard was working for UPS delivering packages out of a Westchester facility. He had been working to piece his life back together after being in federal custody for almost two years following an indictment on a case under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) – one of the most serious cases

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OP-ED: The NYPD’s Strategic Response Group Must Be Disbanded

And a similar unit cannot rise in its place. If you’ve attended a racial justice protest in New York City, you’re likely familiar with the NYPD’s Strategic Response Group. Whether you know it by name or recognize them as police officers donning tactical gear and helmets, the SRG has become a staple of protest policing,

OP-ED: Erase The Gang Database

On Wednesday, myself and other young adults from the Public Safety Team at Red Hook Initiative (RHI) took a stand against the NYPD’s gang database by joining the rally at Brooklyn Hall against this system of criminalization. We were joined at the rally by elected officials, members of organizations from across the City–like Freedom Agenda,

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