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We’ve soft-launched our website with hopes of building out bigger and better in the coming months. As police and law enforcement have built institutional power to target Black and brown communities all over the world, we need to continue to combat them with community journalism that elevates ground-level stories. To do this, we need resources to create a long term media model that focuses on law enforcement across the country, but based in New York City – home of America’s largest police force.

Help Us Raise $25,000 by August 30!

Your tax deductible donation goes directly to grassroots reporting. El Grito Inc (5o1c3) EIN 81-2129119 is the fiscal conduit of Copwatch Media.

If you would like to write and mail a check to: El Grito Inc and mail it to: El Grito Inc. 176 Delancey Street, New York, NY 10002

COPWATCH MEDIA allows those efforts to be coordinated in a way that is independent from mainstream media that has marginalized, betrayed, and criminalized Black and brown communities. And unlike today’s mostly-white journalism class that sees itself apart from the community, we recognize community journalism as the future of journalism. We embrace copwatch efforts by people around the world who’ve filmed cops as not only acts of self-defense, but acts of recording history. We know the community can tell its own stories.

COPWATCH MEDIA will work to challenge police supremacy with the crucial ingredients: writers and media-makers who have been working to these ends for years. Our team has a track record of using media to support social and racial justice movements and debunk police public relations efforts. Collectively, we will fight against “police say” journalism with story-telling focused on the voices of people on the ground.

In order to disrupt the media landscape, we humbly ask for your help in raising funds to get us to our full launch. Help us reach our goal of $25,000 by August 30th, 2021.

All funds raised will go directly towards helping us build the infrastructure that will house COPWATCH.MEDIA and produce new reporting, writing and visual story-telling. We will also create a new “Copaganda Watch” feature to help spotlight the media’s role in helping police build power and lay the foundation for our forthcoming People’s Database of police officers and police violence.

We are all Copwatchers. If you’ve ever taken out a phone and filmed police, you’re a Copwatcher. Help us watch the cops and systems that empower them by steering our movements against policing and racism through independent media. 

In solidarity,
The Copwatch Media team